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Power Planning Success Stories

Here’s how Power Planning has helped clients get out of their own way and make more money.

“I made six figures and halved my work hours”

“Before Power Planning I was chaos. I worked CONSTANTLY but I wasn’t getting any of the important stuff done. Since starting I have more than doubled my income - I have already made $125k in 2022 so far and I’m taking more time off than ever before. Power Planning was the best thing for my business and has made a huge impact on my day to day life.”

- Natalie (Knit & crochet designer)

“I stick to my plans no matter what, in the most sustainable way”

“Before Power Planning I knew a lot about running a successful business, but didn’t implement it. In my first 4 weeks of Power Planning, I launched my podcast and consistently published episodes in a way that feels sustainable. I’m also consistent with my workouts, take regular clean rest and stick to my plans (even with big disruptions in my week).”

- Samara (Manifestation coach)

“Thanks to Power Planning I doubled my revenue”

“Before Power Planning, I had a never ending to-do list and I didn’t have much to show for it. Thanks to Power Planning I’ve made last year’s income in my first six months and hit my revenue goal for the year! I got a highly sought after position in a marketing agency, spoke at a virtual summit and am pitching clients and publications consistently too.”

- Erin (Copywriter)

“I’ve made more than 2X my revenue without burning out”

“Before Power Planning, I was trapped in a cycle of overwhelm and burnout with my business. Power Planning helped me stop being confused - I had breakthroughs in my first week. Within 3 months, my business made $140K - more than twice the revenue compared to this time last year! The best thing is I’ve been able to grow the business while enjoying my personal life.”

- Ann (Sustainability consultant)

“I made $20K in 3 months AND prioritized my health”

“Within 3 months of starting Power Planning I made $20K (double what I aimed for!) even while dealing with health issues. Power Planning has given me peace of mind and taught me to follow through AND prioritize my well-being.”

- Michelle (Graphic designer)

“My productivity skyrocketed as soon as I started Power Planning”

“In my first week of Power Planning, I committed to a solid morning routine, found the best time to schedule workouts (something that’s been on the back burner for many years), and found figuring out my needle moving tasks easy. I’m on schedule to complete the needle moving tasks in my sewing pattern business and I’ve planned clean rest activities I’ve never tried before!”

- Erin (Sewing pattern designer)

"My two businesses are making more money than they ever had once I started Power Planning"

“I now Power Plan every week and stick to my plans. I’ve made more money with my two businesses each year since I joined, all while caring for my children in the way I wanted to - $30K the first year and $40K last year!”

- Jennifer (Photographer and publisher)

“Making more money

and working less”

“Power Planning is my rock. In my first three months of Power Planning, I created my online art store, made my first sales and did this all while working fewer hours than I was before.”

- Rachel (Artist)

“I was able to open my own clinic!”

“Before Power Planning I wanted to open my acupuncture clinic but had been stopping and starting on it for so long. Within 6 months of joining I opened the doors to my clinic! Thanks to Power Planning I was able to oversee construction, hire staff and complete my graduate studies without burning out.”

- Shiopei (Acupuncturist)

“I no longer wait around for opportunities thanks to Power Planning”

“4.5 months into Power Planning and I already feel like a different person. I used to wait for opportunities and planning properly helped me do the ‘scary’ work to grow my business while taking time to rest. I made last year’s revenue in the first 9 months of this year and I’m just getting started.”

- Naomi (Web designer)

“From unrealistic goal-setting to hitting my first revenue goal early”

“Before PGSD, I’d been getting in my own way for so long that all my goals felt unreachable. My sales had plateaued for years and I just knew I could do better. After one week of Power Planning, I immediately saw a significant difference in how I show up in my business. And even without getting coached, I hit my first quarterly revenue goal in 8 weeks - a whole month early!”

- Samantha (Real estate agent)

“I went from $5K to $30K months in 5 months”

“Before Power Planning, I was burned out, spent hours procrastinating and hated marketing my business. This helped me see how I wanted to change this. I followed through on 85% of my plans. In my 5th month in I was hitting $30K months consistently (from $5K months before), had 3,400 new clients and more than 100K new TikTok followers!”

- Morgan (Digital creator)

When you’re planning properly as a perfectionist with Power Planning, every hour you put into your business gets you double the return.